Setting Goals

#Goals, am I right?

The first step in my journey comes down to something super simple – mindset. I’m a busy gal, I work full time, have 4 kiddos… etc, etc, etc. There is a lot on my mind, and a lot taking up my days.

You know what else is on my mind? Beaches. Beaches are on my mind. And a stirring, bustling cityscape…. country roads through golden plains… skydiving, scuba diving, riding a rocket to the moon… I’m a dreamer, folks, plain and simple. My Pinterest is full of all of the things I’ll do one day when I’m a millionaire living next to Taylor Swift or Ellen DeGeneres – from the fancy vacations I’ll take, to the amazing living room couch and rug where we’ll play with Taylor’s cats and eat cookies.ย #squadgoals #why

Point is, what brings ourย health/fitness goals to life from this pool of stuff that (regrettably) will never happen in real life? Put pen to paper. Write it down! Make a tangible, visible list of things that you really want to accomplish. Taking the time to write down these things not only gets them out in the real world, but it allows you to do the following:

  • Think them through. You can pinpoint what it is EXACTLY you want to accomplish, why it is important to you, and what it’s going to take to get there.
  • Take the first steps. Just because you have a dream out in dreamville doesn’t mean you’ll just wake up there one day. Keeping a tangible reminder of where you want to be will help you to line up the first steps.
  • Prioritize your goals, and yourself. When we’re sitting behind a huge pile of laundry, scheduling appointments at work, listening to kids fighting upstairs or trying to make dinner, having our goals posted nearby can remind us to take a 5 minute breather and jog to the mailbox. It can remind us to wash our gym clothes. It can motivate us to make our 2 year old try out YouTube yoga. Take a break and remember that you are important.
  • Remember. Let’s be honest, sometimes we are just too distracted to think about taking at 10 minute jog, or to log our meals, or to not test our kids chicken nuggets. Having your goals written and somewhere you can see them helps keep them front-of-mind.

Bonus, have you ever heard of a Vision Board? A vision board, or motivation board, is made up of pictures, quotes, and various things that inspire and motivate you. Here are some examples:

Jeanette from Close to my Heart wrote a detailed post about how to make a vision board:

vision board

Here is another example:

motivation board

To start out this journey the first thing I will be doing is writing a list of goals for myself. These goals will need to be realistic, healthy, and attainable. Because at the end of the day, it’s easy to make other things a priority. To focus on the mind set of ‘taking care of’ everything around you. It’s an important mindset shift that needs to happen – you are important, and your goals are important, and it’s okay to take time each day to focus on your needs.

Today’s challenge is obvious – set some goals! Write them down! I will be working to create a vision board of my own, to share, and would love to see what everyone else comes up with. Send them to me to have them featured on a post next Tuesday!

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